It's interesting now when I hear the word family. I had always thought I knew what a family was. A mom, a dad, kids, a dog, some grandparents, cousins, and so on. But now after going through all of this, I am realizing what an actual family is. So many people have been praying for Faith, walking though this with us, and being there when I just want to watch football and have a beer. Those people are our family. They are Faith's family.  A family prays for you, wants what is best for you, and will journey through life with you no matter what happens. Those are the people we have surrounding us right now. I never would have imagined that this many people would want what's best for me, for Julie, and for my beautiful Faith. So to all of you that have played a big role or a small one through all of this, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. We feel your love and your prayers through all of this. Thank you will never be enough.

Many of you have said to me "you are such a great writer. Thank you for your blog." This catches me a bit off guard. These are not my words. This is not "my" blog. This is just my story that God has blessed me with. He is the author. He is writing these words. I am just the tool He is using to make His name known and to give hope to others. He has called me to write these posts for one reason I believe. And that is to give hope and comfort to someone out there. Someone who has no where else to look but to some guys blog from Michigan.

That being said, my prayer for Faith has changed drastically over the past few months. It started out as "thank you God for my baby. I pray that she grows big and strong and learns to love You." To "God my child is sick. Please heal her." And is now finally at "God, whatever way Faith can reach the most people, bring hope to lost people, and bring people closer to You, I pray that be done." Because that is what a family does. They want what's best for everyone. Not what is just best for them. God has been doing that through Faith. He is growing my family, but more importantly, He is growing His family, the family of believers, the family of Christ.