For Good

     One year ago today, my life was drastically changing.  I had just received the phone call from my wife that we both had been waiting for.  The phone call that said, "honey, I think it's time."  My heart is now racing, it feels like its 150 degrees even though it was the middle of November, and at this point, nothing else in the world mattered.  I was about to meet my little girl.  And I knew this wasn't going to be easy for me, but especially for Mom, and nothing about this was going to be normal.  My life was about to change but little did I know exactly how much.


     Now that it is a year later, and I look back at all of the stories and lives that have been touched because of Faith, I am speechless.  My little daughter, all 5.5 lbs of her, impacted this world more than I will ever be able to.  If I am blessed to spend 80 years on this earth, the impact she has is exceedingly more than I ever will be able to manage.  My life will never be the same because of her but there are countless other people whose lives were changed as well.  I have said it this whole time, that I am convinced there will be someone I meet in heaven that says "I am here because of your daughter" and I couldn't be more proud of my daughter for the impact she has made.


     My wife recently went to the Broadway show Wicked with the women in her family.  I am also a fan of that show and there is one song in particular that I always enjoyed, but didn't quite understand it until my wife came home after the show and told me about it.  The song is "For Good" and there is a particular verse that is really powerful.


It well may be

That we will never meet again

In this lifetime

So let me say before we part

So much of me

Is made of what I learned from you

You'll be with me

Like a handprint on my heart

And now whatever way our stories end

I know you have rewritten mine

By being my [daughter]


     Hearing this song just reminds me more and more that my life will never be the same.  With the quickly approaching arrival of our son this January, his life will never be the same either.  To be able to tell him stories about his big sister and how amazing she is, his life will be forever changed.  The people he comes in contact with throughout his life will know about Faith, and their lives will be changed as well.


     The story doesn't end here.  Faith's story will go on forever and into eternity.  And for that glorious day when our entire family is reunited and we are worshiping before the God who made it all possible, I cannot wait.  God has been faithful through all of this, and for that, I am thankful.


   And to Faith, because I knew you, I have been changed for good.