Just the right time

     Oh, my boy.  You are much anticipated.  Your mom and I are going crazy waiting for you.  We want to meet you so bad.  I say to your mom every night, "it could be tonight."  I am so excited to see you, meet you, smell you, hold you, kiss you, love you.  I can't wait to look into your beautiful eyes and tell you how much I love you.  I can't wait to just hold you.  Comfort you when you are crying and laugh with you when you smile for the first time.  There are so many things.  I want you in my arms so bad.

     I also want you to stay in mommy's tummy for a little longer.  Right now, I know you are safe.  Nothing can harm you.  Your mom is taking great care of you and as your dad, that's all I want.  Is to know you are safe.  The world is a rough place and as much as I want to meet you, part of me just wants you to stay in there...just a little longer.


     Both of these thoughts are pretty normal I'm assuming for a young father.  I want to meet my son, but I also want him to be safe.  As I was thinking about all of this (which I pretty much do all the time), I was thinking about my daughter.  How my son had met her already.  How God has sat with both of my children on his lap, telling them about the world, and telling them about us.  Faith is telling my son how much mom and dad love her, and how much we love him.  And an instant feeling of peace comes over me.  I do not need to be worried about my son, or my daughter.  God has been with us this whole journey and He will continue to be with us, him, and Faith.


     I am reminded over and over again when I am getting anxious about my son making his grand entrance into this world that he will come when He wants him to.  God is always in control and everything works in His perfect timing.  God gave us Faith EXACTLY when she was meant to come. She entered the world at the time which allowed her to have the greatest impact to further His kingdom, and I know my son will come to us in the exact same way.  He will come charging into this world when God wants him to, and it will be at just the right time.


     Baby boy, please come quick.  We want to meet you so bad.  But your mom and I find rest in the fact that God is with you, and with us, and we will meet you soon enough.  So in the meantime, keep growing big and strong, and we'll keep praying.


Love you buddy