Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there. Today we celebrate Mother’s Day.

I am struck with the image of celebrating in the midst of sadness, joy in the midst of pain, happiness in the midst of grief. My first Mother’s Day after losing our daughter there was really no celebrating or happiness. But then I think back and maybe there actually was joy and happiness in the midst of my deep pain. Joy and happiness that I now was truly a mom and, even though I wasn’t holding my child, I could still celebrate that I had carried her for the last 9 months and given birth to my first child. I was and forever would be a mom!

This day will always hold a special place in my heart. I have always dreamed about being a mom. I never really dreamed about my career, but I always dreamed about being a mom and having a family. So, on this day I get to celebrate my family, even if it may not look entirely like I imagined. And on this day, I get to sit back and reminisce and remember that November day that I became a mom and that sweet little girl who made me a mama!

Today is a hard day for many. There are LOTS of different mothers out there and LOTS of different situations that make this day hard for so many. So today, we celebrate all you moms and we remember those that are hurting this day.

May we remember

  • Those women that have lost a child or multiple children through miscarriage, even those women who no one may have know yet that they truly are a mom but have only carried a child for a short time.
  • Those women who have delivered a child without a heart beat and have had to say goodbye way too soon
  • Those women who have lost a child moments after birth or years after birth or even a grown child. Mothers should never have to bury their children.
  • Those women who so badly want to be moms are unable to this year or ever.
  • Those women who have lost their moms this year.
  • Those women who have lost their relationship with their mother or daughter.
  • Those women who have given homes to children that are not their own through adoption.
  • Those women who have opened their homes and their hearts and fostered children even for just a season.
  • Those women who were brave enough to give birth to a child and choose what is best for their child through adoption

The list goes on and it just shows me that moms are awesome, and I am so glad that there is a day set aside to celebrate them, even in the midst of the pain some moms are feeling. May we always remember moms!