Run to the arms of Jesus

The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones. What an amazing story.
Every story whispers His name.
Each and every one of our Faith Boxes comes with a personalized copy of The Jesus Storybook Bible. Many places you would see this described as a children’s Bible. But, we believe, it is for all ages, all levels, all believers. It is an amazing reminder that Jesus is truly at the center of each of our stories. It perfectly weaves Jesus and God’s plan through every story. It proves that God is in control, no matter what. He has always had a plan and has always loved each of us enough to fulfill His promise.
This Bible was given to each couple in our church when they had their baby dedicated, but we couldn’t wait that long. We wanted to read to our little girl as soon as possible. We wanted daddy to read to her so that she could start to learn the sound of his voice. So, from very early on, every night we read a story from this Bible to Faith while she was growing inside me. Many nights left me in tears, stunned at how beautifully it captured the stories I have heard so many times before.
Then at Faith’s funeral the following story was read and reminds us that all children, all believers, are invited to run to the arms of Jesus, Faith just beat us to it.
The Friend of Little Children
…So while Jesus’ friends were arguing, some people who knew all about getting gifts – in fact, you might say they were gift-experts – had come to see Jesus. Who were they? They were little children. Jesus’ helpers tried to send them away. “Jesus doesn’t have time for you!” they said. “He’s too tired.” But they were wrong. Jesus always had time for children. “Don’t ever send them away!” Jesus said. “Bring the little ones to me.”
Now if you had been there, what do you think- would you have had to line up quietly to see Jesus? Do you think Jesus would have asked you how good you’d been before he’d give you a hug? Would you have had to be on your best behavior? And get dressed up? And not speak until you’re spoken to?
Or…would you have done just what these children did – run straight up to Jesus and let him pick you up in his arms and swing you and kiss you and hug you and then sit you on his lap and listen to your stories and your chats?
You see, children loved Jesus, and they knew they didn’t need to do anything special for Jesus to love them. All they needed to do was to run into his arms. And so that’s just what they did.
Well, after all the laughing and games, Jesus turned to his helpers and said, “No matter how big you grow, never grow up so much that you lose your child’s heart: full of trust in God. Be like these children. They are the most important in my kingdom.”
About a year after Faith passed away, her grandpa and grandma approached us and asked if they could buy some of these amazing Bibles and give them away….ahh yes, easy question to answer. But they weren’t just going to buy Bibles and give them away, they were going to hand write in every one of them in honor of their granddaughter, “In memory of Faith.” So, each storybook Bible in a Faith Box on the inside cover holds those words. Over 200 storybook Bibles in our little girl’s memory are now in homes and being read to children and families and, undoubtedly, making an impact for God’s kingdom.
This Bible is so important to us and that is why we include it for families who receive a Faith Box. We hope it reminds them that God is holding them and has a plan behind it all. All along, He has loved us so much and created a rescue plan to be with us forever. That rescue plan is the promise that I will see my daughter again and that the Creator and Savior of the World is taking care of my little girl while I can’t.
When life is hard, run straight to the arms of Jesus and let him hold you. Never grow up so much that you lose your child’s heart.