The night you were born

     I have been waiting months to look out my window and see the snow falling ever so quietly to the ground.  I have been waiting for when I had to get my winter coat out.  Waiting to get a Christmas tree.  Waiting to hang the stockings.  I always look forward to all of these things because I love the holiday season and everything that goes along with it.  However, this year, I was waiting with anticipation for a whole other reason.  My son.  He's on his way.  I knew that with the snow and jingle bells ringing, that meant my son was about to make his arrival into this world.

    Not only do I love the holiday season, but I love the moments right before my wife and I lay our heads down on our pillows.  Just like we did with Faith and reading to her from the Jesus Storybook Bible, we read that to our son as well.  When we finished that, we now read him books.  Books given to us by loved ones.  We read a particular book last night.  The book is "The Night You Were Born" and it is an amazing book.  There was one particular line in the book that hit me hard.  Having gone through the birth of my first child already, I thought I knew what to expect with this new one.  


"On the night you were born, the moon smiled with such

wonder that the stars peeked in to see you.

Heaven blew every trumpet and played every horn

On the wonderful, marvelous night you were born."


     I thought about this line for a while through the tears.  I was thinking "yes.  This is exactly what heaven will do when my son enters the world."  But then I also got to thinking, "This is what heaven did when my daughter entered the world."  But imagine what heaven did when my daughter went to be home with her Heavenly Father?  And what heaven must be like everytime one of God's children returns home?  Imagine the celebration heaven puts on everytime a lost child accepts Jesus into their hearts?


     This season is a lot different for me from last year at this time.  I was still struggling with the loss of my daughter.  I was confused, angry, upset and everything else.  But at the same time filled with an indescribable joy that my daughter was healthy, happy, and spending eternity with her Father.  This Christmas, I challenge you to thank Jesus for being born.  Because if He had not been born, He could not have died.  And if He had not died for us, I would have no hope.  No hope of seeing my daughter again.  No hope for my son that he may grow up knowing about his big sister.  No hope for my son that one day he will be able to see his sister again, and spend eternity in the glory of heaven with his Father.


Merry Christmas Faith.  We love you.