Yes, that's my Mom

Dear Mommy,

I love you so much.  Thank you for protecting me, keeping me safe, and eating only the best foods you could find so that I would be healthy in your tummy.  I love how you talked to me everyday.  I love how even when I would kick you, you didn't get mad.  You instead were overjoyed and went and got Dad so I could kick him too.  I love how even when you found out I was sick, you didn't give up on me.  Instead, you prayed.  You asked God to heal my small little body.  You loved me more and more every day, and I felt that love everyday.  Thank you for telling everyone you knew about me and how great I was (because lets face it, Im pretty great:) Im thankful for you Mommy even when times were hard.  Rather than run away, you ran towards God.  Thank you for naming me Faith.  I am glad I can be a reminder of what you need to hang onto.  You protected me as good as anyone could.  And now I am with Jesus.  He is protecting me now and protecting you.  He is protecting your heart Mommy.  You have nothing to be scared of.  He tells me all the time about what you and Daddy are doing.  He tells me how much you and Daddy love me and He tells me how much He loves you. There will be times that are going to be hard.  But just remember, I am up here, sitting next to Jesus, watching over you.  Never forget how much I love you.  How much I will always love you.  And how much I can't wait to see you again someday.  That day will come soon enough.  You are the best Mommy anyone could ask for.  And for those times when you are feeling sad, always remember I am up here, sitting next to Jesus and telling Him, "yea, that's my Mom."


Happy Mothers Day Mommy.  I love you forever