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Why a Faith Box?

At Faith45 we want to offer God's comfort to families during a time that can feel impossible to navigate. A Faith Box can do just that. Do you know someone who could use a Faith Box? We would love to help you comfort a loved one, another mama, a friend, or neighbor. Or could you yourself use some resources after the loss of a child? 

What is a Faith Box?

Faith Boxes came out of a dream to help others avoid the search for resources that can truly help. We found it difficult to find books and good resources during our loss. The items available are items we found helpful during our loss and the days/weeks/months/years of grieving that follow.

Curated and Customizable

Our Standard Faith Boxes are available with 5-6 items we found to be the most helpful. Or customize your own box to more specifically fit your loved ones and their needs. Below you will see the items available for a custom box. First, add one of the standard boxes to your cart and then add any additional items and we will add them to that Faith Box. 
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